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New Jersey Retirees' Education Association Scholarships (By 3/1/2020)

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:36 pm
by ChristineF
NJREA offers four scholarships for upcoming college freshmen: two four-year scholarships, one two-year scholarship and one one-year scholarship. Scholarships are renewable based on the recipient’s cumulative grade point average at the end of each academic year and continued enrollment as a full-time student. Thus, the four-year scholarships have a total value of $6,000.00, the two-year scholarship has a value of $2,000.00 and the one-year scholarship has a value of $2,000.00.

NOTE: A student may apply for only one (1) NJREA Scholarship (Allen/Hickman, Aug or Krichling). Application deadline is 3/1/2020.

Visit our website for more information and to apply: