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For Scholarship Organizations and Counselors

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This Site
This site connects scholarship opportunities offered by Monmouth County organizations, and other NJ organizations too, with our county's high school students. School counselors and local groups can post information here for the purpose of making it available to All of the area's students. Students at any high school can read your post to learn requirements. However, the site is specifically targeted to reach residents of our county. Students can get your organization's application via a link to your group's web site, or from attachments you include with your post.

Please Note
This site aims to provide a pleasant and family-friendly environment for sharing scholarship opportunities. The site administrator(s) reserve the right to edit, format, correct, and/or delete any scholarship posting or attachment which is deemed to be unlawful, discriminatory, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate for the forum. Repeat offenders will have their posting privileges revoked. Please contact the administrator(s) if you have any questions. You may revisit your own posts to edit or correct them at any time. Site administrators may edit posts for purposes of clarity, consistency, and brevity.

User Accounts
A user account is required to post a scholarship. You must create an account, and then log in to the account to post, or to edit, a scholarship you would like to make known. Click "Register" to create an account. Counselors should use their school email address for this purpose. Members of local organizations should use an email address at which a student could contact them, or which appears in scholarship contact information. You'll receive email notification that your user account is activated once the site administrator verifies your details. This should take no more than two days.

Posting Your Scholarship
After logging in to your user account, just click "New Topic*" to post a scholarship. At the bottom of your new post, click the "Upload attachment" tab to attach an application, a cover letter, etc. (Disregard the "Options" tab.) If a scholarship application is available online, it's easiest to just include the link to it in the body of the post. Alternatively, if your application exists in a word or pdf document, then you can attach the document(s) to your post in the "attachments" area.

  • Be Brief. Posts require very little info: "What, Who's eligible, by When, Here's the app..."
    Students can read the application/cover letter you attach, or follow a link to an organization's web site if they're interested
  • Put the Deadline in the Subject box (deadline in parentheses after Org Name)
  • Put an Organization Name in the Subject box. This is important when the scholarship offered has another name. For example, "Monmouth County Education Association" makes more sense in the subject box than "Jean Villapiano." But when students click on MCEA's scholarship, the first thing they learn in reading the post is that a scholarship is awarded in honor of Jean Villapiano. Also, when a group offers multiple scholarships, the broader organization's name makes the most sense as the subject
  • Make an Eligibility section to clarify who might apply. E.g. Girls, Boys or Girls, Volunteerism very important, Minority applicants sought, Hearing impaired, Planning to major in...
  • Link this site to your guidance department web page
  • Or, just email the link to this site to your Seniors
Common Sub-Headings You Might Use
  • Organization Name
  • Scholarship Name
  • Eligibility
  • Links to an organization's web site and to scholarship application
  • Other Info
  • Contact Info
  • Deadline

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