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This web site connects high school students residing in Monmouth County, New Jersey with scholarship opportunities sponsored by our local organizations. School counselors and local groups are permitted to post information here for the purpose of making it available to students. Students are not permitted to post to the site, and therefore do not require user accounts.

Students may view site contents and retrieve applications. Follow the links provided in a post, or else click on attachments, to learn scholarship competition details. If you have further questions, always speak to your school counselor.

Ask Your School Counselor
Most scholarship applications will require you to ask your counselor for assistance. Applications often require the inclusion of transcripts, completion of forms, letters of reference, etc. Therefore you'll need to know the processing time your counselor requires to fulfill your request. Make requests to the counseling office well in advance of deadlines. Counseling offices may require that you make requests for processing one to two weeks in advance of any "deadline" stated.

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